5301 NW Tom Creek Rd, Hamilton, MO 64644



Rental fees and inclusions can be found here

250 including the bridal party.

See the Available Dates Page

  • A Booking Fee of $1000 saves your date
  • Half of the balance is due 9 months prior to your wedding
  • Total balance is due 30 days prior to your wedding
  • Payments are accepted at anytime and will be posted to your account
  • An updated invoice will be sent showing your payment
  • We accept cash, check or credit card payments
  • Tax (6.725%) is applied to the barn rental fee 
  • 3.5% is added to any credit card payment
  • We may ask for credit card information to be kept on file 
  • Please notify us at of the date(s) you wish to reserve
  • PLEASE put the bride & groom’s names,  as well as the date reserved, with each payment to assure it gets posted to the correct account
  • Dates will be held based on when the booking fee is received.

A tour is not required prior to booking your date

  • PLEASE schedule tours - We do not have regular business hours
  • Your tour can be scheduled here 
  • We host a monthly Open House for 2nd and 3rd visits. Dates can be found here 
  • Great Question! Prices vary depending on your guest count, menu, florals, chosen photographer, and bar choices, etc. 
  • Guest count is the easiest way to keep your overall expenses down, while maintaining your vision for the day

No. Vendors work independently and set their prices. We do not make a commission on their sales. This keeps your costs low

  • No. We have a list of vetted vendors we know will provide you quality food if you want recommendations, but using them is not required. 
  • Our list is composed of small business owners because we’ve found them to be the most conscientious and easy to work with, while providing a quality product and service. 
  • We require a certificate of insurance covering bartending and catering companies brought into The Pearl.
  • No. We respect you and your time at the barn and will not bring in other visitors. 
  • Yes. Hamilton boasts many VRBO, AirBnB, & Bed and Breakfast options, which are 5 minutes from The Pearl. 
  • There are multiple small hotels in Cameron (15 minutes away) and Chillicothe (30 minutes away)
  • The parking lot nearest the barn accommodates 40+ cars
  • Additional parking is provided on both sides of the driveway
  • Most guests prefer round tables for communication purposes, but we also have a limited number of folding rectangular tables which can be used 
  • Rectangular tables are generally used for your gift table, dessert table, etc. 
  • No. We concentrate our efforts on providing you a wonderful atmosphere, tables and comfortable seating for your guests. 
  • We allow you to choose the color and materials of your serving items. 
  • We have black or white floor length linens as optional rentals, but you may also bring your own.
  • We always have a backup plan in case of inclement weather! Your ceremony can be relocated to the covered pavilion, or inside if necessary. 
  • Our inside space does not require flipping, so the ceremony to reception transition is minimal, keeping relocation decisions low stress.
  • Our fee is consistent whether you have your whole event at the barn, or use it only as a reception space. The entire day is yours with your rental. 
  • We will allow you (only with pre approval from John or Lana) to include your dog in your photos and ceremony. They must be leashed and constantly monitored by someone other than the bride or groom. 
  • No animals, other than licensed service animals, are allowed in the barn. 
  • Please do not allow dogs to urinate on the exterior of the barn. 

We accept cash, check or credit card payments, but prefer checks because they leave a great paper trail.

  • We do not keep a cancellation waiting list because cancellations are very rare and unpredictable. 
  • If we have a cancellation, that availability is posted on the Available Dates Page
  • We offer Day of Coordination Services at an additional cost.
  • Please talk to Lana, or Kersten, to inquire about this service
  • We have a team member available within minutes if you need something. 
  • We pop in and out throughout the day to support your needs and answer questions
  • We allow you to choose your caterer (with approval) from Lana or John
  • Caterers must have liability insurance

Please email Lana at for a complete listing of vendors.

  • Please understand that pricing is very much dependent on what foods you choose (single vs double entree)
  • You can expect meals from our caterers to cost between $13-18 per person 
  • Alcohol will depend on what drinks you decide to serve. 
  • You will work with the caterers on our list directly. They are great people, are familiar with our space, and can answer any questions you have regarding their services.


  • Ceremony times will depend on the time of year you choose for your wedding. 
  • We suggest talking with your photographer about ceremony times. You’ll want the best lighting for your ceremony
  • You definitely want to capitalize on the ‘golden hour’ for photos
  • There are a couple options, but the layout will be based on your guest count. 
  • The tables and chairs will be arranged for the optimum people flow when you arrive
  • Our couples generally use our 60” round tables in the Grand Hall. These are recommended for 8 guests, although some couples choose to seat up to 10 per table. 
  • The loft has 3’X3’ wooden tables seating 64 guests. For larger parties we can add a 60” round table on each side, allowing for 80-84 guests. 
  • Our round tables are recommended for 8 people, although some couples seat as many as 10 people each. 
  • This can be discussed in more detail once you get a solid count with your RSVP’s
  • Most couples stand in front of the sliding barn doors for an indoor ceremony. 
  • We utilize Oscar Style seating for indoor weddings, with immediate family sitting in rows close to the ceremony site. 
  • We have 6’ & 8’ plastic rectangular tables , as well as a couple 6’ & 8’ wooden tables for the bridal party, gift table, dessert table, etc. 
  • You may have access to the barn at 8:00 AM. If you have a one day rental, there is a good chance there was a wedding on Friday. 
  • NO FIREWORKS are allowed -  SPARKLERS INCLUDED.  Our insurance company (and neighbors) forbid them. We are an all-wood structure, and there are multiple stacks of hay nearby.
  • We prefer guests plan ahead and have a designated driver so there is no one driving after drinking. 
  • Vehicles may be left overnight, rather than someone driving while impaired. We  kindly ASK THE AUTO BE RETRIEVED BY NOON THE FOLLOWING DAY.
  • Only electric candles are allowed due the open flame restriction. 
  • These may be rented from The Pearl as an added item, with or without lanterns. 
  •  Unity candles are allowed ONLY DURING THE CEREMONY
  • On Fridays and Saturdays, music and bar service stop at 11:00 in order for you to gather your things and your vendors can be out by midnight.
  • On Sundays and weekdays music and bar service stop at 9:00 to ensure everyone be out by 10:00.
  • Yes, we can seat 9 guests per table, although it isn’t as comfortable. 
  • We need to have your guest count 2 weeks prior to your wedding, please.


  • You can obtain your marriage license from any county seat. You BOTH will need to see the Recorder of Deeds and have a valid form of ID that contains your date of birth (MO Driver’s License, Birth Certificate,or passport) and your Social Security Cards. Marriage License Fees vary by county. 
  • You MAY apply for your license up to 3 months ahead of your wedding day
  • Rules change, so please check with your county, or search online, to find the latest information. 
  • You must have a MO license if you want to be legally married. There is an online application you can use.


  • Yes, you are free to bring food in for you and the wedding party prior to your ceremony. 
  • We recommend you refrain from using glass while on the premises, as it’s a safety concern 

We ask you to stack the chairs against the walls
Gather and take the trash to the dumpster.
Double check to make sure you have all your belongings.
IF you rented our linens, please leave them on the tables

  • Yes, you may. Please be aware there are electric fences surrounding the barn ⚡️as we are a working farm with cattle. 
  • WE have placed nails in the walls you may use
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