5301 NW Tom Creek Rd, Hamilton, MO 64644

Event Day Details

What you can expect

– Barn is ready at 8:30 AM
– If you had a rehearsal evening the night before, pick up where you left off.
– If there was NO rehearsal the evening before, the barn will be available at 8:30 AM
– Tables and chairs will be set up, although you are free to adjust them accordingly
– Please leave someone at the barn to receive vendors (cake, flowers, caterer, DJ / band, speaker)

Property Maintenance

– NO nails, screws, staples, tacks, glue or other adhesive materials may be used in the barn, bridal suite, groom’s room or exterior of the building.
– Candles may be used in CLOSED containers ONLY
– Birdseed is allowed for send-off; No rice or sparklers please
– Prior approval required for any pet/animal brought onto the farm
– ‘Do Not Enter’ barriers must be respected; No driving in the yard
– Bottles, trash, & cigarette butts need to be placed in proper receptacles
– No fireworks permitted on the property
– Smoking is not permitted in or near the barn


– You may provide alcohol to your guests; The Pearl does not hold a liquor license.
– Tubs and keg coolers are provided for your convenience.
– The freezer in the kitchen will be available for ice.
– Under-aged drinking is prohibited by state law.
– Last call for alcohol and music should end by 11:30.
– The Pearl staff has the right to refuse service to any guest & may request he/she leave the property.

Cleaning Guidelines

– Our crew will be glad to do the cleaning for you for a $300 fee.


Please see the following are completed before leaving the venue:
– Remove all signs placed at the barn or on roadways.
– Strip tables, remove personal items, food, & décor.
– Return all chairs to the building.
– Bag all trash and take to the dumpster. Bags may be found under the bar and
kitchen sink.
– Lightly clean the kitchen & bar areas (wipe counters, appliances, and fridge, sweep floor).
– Place used dish rags and towels in the kitchen sink.
– Items left upon your departure become property of The Pearl.
– Notify management if vehicles will be left overnight. Those left past
noon the following day are subject to towing at the owner’s expense.
– If basic cleaning is not completed, a $300 fee will be deducted from your deposit.


– Engagement photos may be taken at The Pearl for no charge if you book your wedding or reception with us. Please contact us for a time that doesn’t conflict with another event.
– A list of local photographers is available upon request.

Vendor Guidelines

– You may use the caterer of your choice. The kitchen is for maintaining food and serving only.
– We reserve the right to guide or refuse a vendor.
– The caterer and wedding host need to make arrangements for cleaning the kitchen. If the Cleaning Requirements are not met, the $300 fee will be charged.
– The DJ/band must check in with The Pearl staff for sound system and connection requirements.
– Music must stop at 11:30 PM and be’ packed up by midnight.
– A list of local caterers, florists, DJ’s and hair stylists are available upon request.

Safety Guidelines

– Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
– Please keep vehicles locked and personal items supervised. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
– Caution must be used around the fire pit. Please do not remove fire from the specified area or let children play around the fire.
– We reserve the right to oversee alcohol consumption and require the disruptive guest to vacate the property.
– We assume no responsibility for alcohol consumption or designator driver arrangements. Intoxicated guests are the sole responsibility of the contractual party and arrangements must be made for their safe departure.
– The Pearl management and staff are not responsible for accidents.

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